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Sewadar is a Punjabi word for a volunteer who offers his/her services to a Gurdwara or to the Community free of charge. It a term used to refer to a person who performs Sewa (Work, Service or assistance of any kind) without looking for any reward / payment of any kind for doing the Sewa. A Sewadar helps purely because of his/her dedication to Guru and God and as part of his/her duty to the Sikh community.

Gurbani explains very clearly the importance to a Sikh of performing this selfless-service (Sewa) to obtain peace and tranquillity in life:

Center your awareness on seva (selfless service) and

focus your consciousness on the Word of the Shabad.
Subduing your ego, you shall find a lasting peace,
and your emotional attachment to Maya will be dispelled. ((1))
page 110

Do seva - selfless service; follow the Guru's Teachings,
and vibrate the Lord's Name, Har, Har.
page 176

This body is softened with the Word of the Guru's Bani;
you shall find peace, doing seva.
page 25

In the midst of this world, do seva,
and you shall be given a place of honor in the Court of the Lord.
Says Nanak, swing your arms in joy! ((4)(33))
page 26

all quotes from SGGS

List of Sewadars