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Satinder Sartaaj (born 7 January 1982) (Punjabi: ਸਤਿੰਦਰ ਸਰਤਾਜ), official name Satinder Pal Singh Saini, is born in a Punjabi family, is an Indian Punjabi singer, song writer, Hollywood actor and poet. He has sung many Sufi songs. He gained fame with his hit song "Sai". Since then his popularity has seen a constant surge among the Punjabi diaspora with his shows being held in many countries across the world.[3] He is considered as a scholar of Gurmukhi language, Punjabi culture, traditions and folk.[4] He debuted in the American film industry with the lead role in movie 'The Black Prince' a historic biopic of Maharajah Duleep Singh which was released on 21 July 2017

Education and PhD

Satinder Sartaaj is a rare singer who is highly qualified, having earned a Doctorate. While most folk singers and movie singers in India are not known for their educational qualifications, Sartaaj is one of the younger crop of singers who have gone through the rigours of formal education. He obtained a degree in Music from Government College, Hoshiarpur. Satinder Sartaaj concentrated on his sufiana musical career having done his M. Phil in Sufi music singing and later a PhD in Sufi singing (gayan) from Punjab University, Chandigarh.[8] He also taught music at Punjab University. Satinder also completed a Certificate Course and Diploma in Persian language.[1] It was in college, when he also started writing poetry and adopted his Takhallus (poetic name) Sartaaj

Early Life

Satinder Sartaaj was born into a Sikh family in the village Bajrawar[6], Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. He did his schooling from the government elementary school in his village. While still in school, he began performing in 3rd standard. After that, he moved to Hoshiarpur, Punjab from where he completed his formal education, including his graduation in Music with Honors from Government College, Hoshiarpur. Satinder Sartaaj got married to Gauri, his long term love interest, on 9 December 2010 at the Taj Hotel in Chandigarh

Film Career

Satinder Sartaj starred in a movie about Maharaja Dalip Singh, the last king of Punjab.