Sardar Kala Singh

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Sardar Kala Singh was a Mazhabi Sikh, He converted to Sikhism by Sardar Jhanda Singh (d. 1774), a Sikh Bhangi chieftain. A bold and desperate man, Kala Singh joined the band of Sardar Gujjar Singh Bhangi (d. 1788) who appointed him the neddr or administrator at Hasan Abdal, midway between Rawalpindi and Attock, where tlie famous Sikh shrine of Panja Sahib is located.

Kala Singh settled down amidst the fanatic and warlike Muslim chiefs of Gandgarh and its neighbourhood. He set up his headquarters at Sarai Kali which was at that time the Sikhs` last frontier outpost on the northwest. Kala Singh firmly established his authority in the area.