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Samundri is a city in Punjab, Pakistan. The present site of Samundri city was Chak No. 533.G.B in 1887. Later on it was named Samundri because of three Hindu Mandirs in that area. The word Seh means Three in Persian and Mandir refers to a Hindu Temple. In 1887 there were three Hindu shrines in this area but now what remains of them houses the Government Primary School No 4. Up to 1904 it was a Tehsil in the District of Jhang. With the creation of Lyallpur District the Samudri Tehsil was transferred to this District.

The lands of the Tehsil Samundri are irrigated by Gogera branch canal and Burala branch canal. All villages of the Tehsil carry G.B. with their Chak numbers. Sugar cane is the major cash crop of the area. Wheat, Cotton and vegetables are also grown in the fertile lands of the Tehsil.

Samundri is situated at a distance of 45 KM from Faisalabad. The only means of communication is by road.