Naam Simran

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Naam Simran is Remembering God's name supplemented with Organised & Structured Social Service. The spirit of Simran in Sikh. way of Life stands anchored around the following holy words in Japu Ji Sahib SatGurBaniGaviyy SatGurBani Suniyy SatGurBanika Man myy Rakhiyy Bhau.......

This is a seminal form of worship for Sikhs.

Naam Simran have its greatness. A Person who do not simran Naam is not loved by god. Where a person do good deeds he or she should do Naam Simran to, because Naam Simran is the way to impress god. Like when you say your friend i remember you always your friend also get happy hearing this and you remember your friend because he was benificial for you sometime or may be will be benificial so you remember him. But we do not remember god because we never think that he will be benificial for us. we think we are best but we don't remember god who makes us best everytime. Yes indeed our good deeds helps us always but if we will not do naam simran then the life is of no use. one must remember the one who created us. Muslims should remember Allah, Hindus should remember Ram, CHristian should remember allah and sikhs should remember waheguru as all are the same but religion gave it's own name to god so whatever name you could recite but do recite god's name. He would be happy and will be with us everytime.

It is said by Guru nanak Sahib in his pavittar salok that a person who give donations, who die like warrior, who is jogi who is siddha, who is aghori, who is Raagi, who is Naadi, Who have knowledge of ved if they do not recite God's name or Naam Simran then the all deeds they do wether good or bad they are not doing complete one have to do naam simran to get complete.

In gurbani ""Gavey"" means sing and Naam Simran is to recite god name whether in form of Raga or Flat Singing or just speak in Mann.

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