Jia Pota Temple

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Jia Pota Temple is situated at the bank of river Chenab at Akhnoor Town.The raj Tilak ceremony of Dogra Rajput Raja Gulab Singh was performed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh at this temple

There is a sedimentary rock that has been utilized as a place where Maharaja Ranjit Singh has performed the ceremony of Raj Tilak or anoinment of Gulab Singh on 16 June 1862, when Gulab Singh was merely 21 years old. The ceremony was performed under a tree which was known as Jia Pota. Maharaja invited all the top chieftains of Jammu province to witness grand finnale of coronation. Mian Nihal Singh was the pre eminent leader of Rajput clan of the time.

There is a Ghat near the temple which is also called Jia Pota Ghat and used for various religious and other purposes.This is very famous Ghat among the Hindus.