Akali Baba Chet Singh

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Jathedar Baba Chet Singh Nihang

Baba Chet Singh was 12th Jathedar of Budha Dal. He was born in 1914 at Talwandi Sabo to Sardar Gurdit Singh and Pradhan Kaur.

He participated in various religious conventions includes Path Antar and Manglacharan and served the Dal with heart and soul. He bought a piece of land, in front of Anandpur Sahib Railway station, from the Sodhis and named it as Guru Da Bagh (Guru's Park). Living a simple life spanning 54 years, he passed away in 1968. His memorial is located in Damdama Sahib, which is place of his birth. Dharam Singh Nihang Singh of Sachkhoj Academy served as secretary, during tenure of Akali Chet Singh.

Preceded by:
Baba Sahib Ji Kaladhari
Jathedar Baba Chet Singh Followed by:
Jathedar Baba Santa Singh

Jathedars of oldest Sikh Regiment: Budha Dal

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