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Hakim Jabar Khan (a Pathan) was the chieftain of the village of Bassi Kalan (31°32`N, 75°55`E) and 21 other Villages in Hoshiarpur District. He had clash with Sahibzada Ajit singh and was arrested and was Killed in Anandpur by Guru Gobind Singh. He was a creul Man.


Like many of the Muslim landowners, he used to torture the Hindus of the villages. Many Muslims (usually the Sunni Ghaznis and especially the Pathans) looked upon the Hindus who they called 'zimmis' (non-muslims) as less than human and often did with them as they wished. Khan would kidnap the local girls, and take them to his palace for indecent purposes. The honor of a young woman or even of a married woman (being a virgin or having relations with only her husband was (and still is) a very important thing in Punjab. Many women, both Hindu and Sikh preffered to kill themselves rather than face the shame of being raped. Khan would even have his men snatch the wedding doli of young hindu brides so he could rape them before their marriages were consummated.

His reputation for doing such evil was well known, as he had not limited his liberties to the brides, wives and daughters of Bassi Kalan.

Caught Devi Dass Wife

Devi Das was a poor brahmin who belonged to Jaijon, a village near Hoshiarpur. Jabar Khan had forcibly kidnapped the newly wedded wife of Devi Das, just after the couples' wedding ceremony, and had taken her to his palace at Kalan.

The Brahmin was sad and heart broken and wept before the Muslim qazis (judges) and other religious leaders, but nobody cared. Finally in desperation, he went to the Darbar (Court) of Guru Gobind Singh ji at Anandpur Sahib and narrated his story to the Guru. After listening to the story the Guru ordered Baba Ajit Singh to arrest Zabar Khan and to return the wife of Devi Das to her husband.


Main article: Skirmish of Bassi Kalan

Sahibzada Ajit Singh attacked Bassi area where Hakam Jabar Khan was spending his evening time. Pathans were not ready with their arms at that time. There was a clash between both sides. Many Pathans were killed and many ran away.

After a long fight, Jabar Khan though wounded, was arrested and tied up. Baba Ajit Singh sent Pathan Zabar Khan and the wife of Devi Das to Anandpur with some Sikhs.


As Hakim Zabar Khan was a Big time rapist. He Raped Many Girls due to him many girls suicided. Due to him many families were borken. When Zabar Khan was Handover to Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib said to give him the harsh punishment so that no one could so this is future. On Guru's order, His body was buried till his neck. His face was covered with food and hungry dogs were leave on him. Dogs had eaten up his face and he was killed. then, He was then buried. Sikhs use to hit his grave 5 times with their shoe and this tradition is still followed.