Gurudwara Tali Sahib (Talab Tillo)

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Gurdwara Tali Sahib (Talab Tillo) A New Building

The Sixth Nanak, Guru Hargobind Sahib "Miri Piri de Malik" (the bestower or Miri & Piri) during his visit to Jammu stayed at a place below a Talli Tree called pacca Gharat, Talab Tillo. A beautiful Gurdwara has been built by the Jammu Sikh Sangat. There is a small canal near this Gurdwara Sahib situated in the heart of Jammu city.

Every year the "Parkash Utsav" (Birth anniversary) of Guru Sahib is celebrated here with much enthusiasm and zeal.

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Gurdwara Tali Sahib
The exact place where Guru sahib stayed, a small Gurdwara Sahib still exists here.
Inside view of the New Building