Gurudwara Srinagar (Garhwal)

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Gurudwara Srinagar is a beautiful shrine located in the middle of the town.


In the town there was a dera of Udasi Sadhus. They use to parkash Guru Granth Sahib and recite bani. They have the hand written copies of Dasam Granth(ended in 1835) of 1540 pages and Guru Granth Sahib of 1312 pages. In this granth the Raagmala and Mundavali is at the end. Mahant Purshotam Das was the mukhi of the dera. The place was purchased by the Hemkunt Management trust in 1966 and made a beautiful gurudwara and sarai.

200 to 300 persons can stay there now even more then this can stay over there. Giani Bachan Singh Pardesi is head granthi.


Dusht Daman Book/Amritsar/Surinder Singh Publishers - typed by user:hpt_lucky

ROUTE 1 - Haridwar 
ROUTE 2 - Paonta Sahib 

Rishi Kesh ♣♣ Dev prayag ♣♣ Srinagar ♣♣ Rudra Prayag ♣♣ Karna prayag ♣♣ Nanda prayag ♣♣ Joshi Math ♣♣ Vishnu prayag ♣♣ Gurudwara Gobind ghat ♣♣ Gurudwara Gobind Dham ♣♣ Hemkunt Sahib