Gurudwara Bhangani Sahib

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Gurdwara Bhangani Sahib

On a recent trip to India I was fortunate enough to visit Bhangani Sahib. It is about 6km from Paonta Sahib and is reached by driving through some long narrow dusty roads that lead you through a couple of small villages. Then, in the middle of some green fields stands the magnificent small Gurdwara of Bhangani Sahib. It is being renovated with marble floors being constructed around it. Inside the Darbar Sahib or main hall is also constructed in marble.

Although victory is mine, it is O Lord, due to your kindness and grace. Bachittar Natak.

This verse is inscribed in the Gurdwara at Bhangani.

Surrounding the Gurdwara are fields of lush green crops with a sense of peace and normality which belies the violent past, One looks around the tranquil setting are imagines Guru Gobind Singh seated on his stallion commanding his Sikhs to their first battle, and what a glorious battle it was with Guru Ji and his Sikhs, although heavily outnumbered, came through victorious.

Gurdwara at Bhangani

After attending to the wounded Guru Ji returned to Paonta Sahib and distributed gifts and rewards to his brave soldiers. Guru Ji consoled Pir Buddhu Shah on the loss of this sons and followers.

After the battle Guru Ji stayed at Paonta Sahib for some time. In that year Guru Ji’s first son was born to Mata Sundri Ji. To commemorate the battle Guru Ji named him Ajit Singh.

Guru Gobind Singh had no anonymity against the hill chieftains, Guru Ji had no designs to gain territory for himself. Guru Ji was the guiding light in this world, but circumstances presented themselves thus that Guru Ji had no choice but to rebut the hill Raja's attack.

About 10km from Poanta Sahib in a remote area away from the hustle and bustle of the city there is another historical gurdwara linked to the yudh of Bhangani. This is Gurudwara Shaheed Bunga Ogiyan wala(khaara), Paunta Sahib. At this site there took place the atim sanskaar (the final rites, cremation) of some of the Sikhs who were martyred in the yudha of Bhangani, these also included some sehjdhari Sikhs, this was personally organised by Guru Gobind Singh who bestowed great blessings on his brave Sikhs.

The sewa of the gurdwara is now performed by Sant Baba Pritam Singh Ji Jhar Sahib from Ludhiana in the Punjab. Baba Pritam Singh Ji were the sewak (disciple) of Sant Baba Piara Singh Ji Jhar Sahib.

Gurdwara Bhangani Sahib: Fields of lush green crops surround the Gurdwara

Baba Pritam Singh Ji and only one other sewadhar and his family stay their the whole time and they do regular Sehaj and Akhand Paths at the Gurdwara, Baba Ji personally tests and quizzes the paathies about their rehat and maryhada.Baba Ji also does regular langar sewa for Hemkund Sahib

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