Guru Nanak Medical Centre, Secunderabad

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Guru Nanak Medical Centre, Secunderabad

Guru Nanak Medical Centre is a charitable hospital based at Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Gurdwara Sahib, Secunderabad, and Guru Nanak Charitable Trust opened this medical centre on the premises of Gurdwara sahib on Sunday, October 07, 2007. According to the Prabhandak Committee president, S. Baldev Singh Bagga and convener R.S. Saluja, this state-of-the-art polyclinic and diagnostic centre will provide free and low-cost medical treatment for the poor and needy of all religions and communities.

Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee president S. Avtar Singh Makwar, who was visiting the state of Andhra Pradesh for the first time, inaugurated the centre. It was said by the local people that this day care medical centre had become necessary to meet the demand of people in Secunderabad and surrounding localities when the Gandhi General Hospital moved to Musheerabad.

Services provided

A part of Guru Nanak Charitable Trust, Gurudwara Road, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, the Guru Nanak Medical Centre is a true companion to your family health. It contains Day Care, Polyclinic & Diagnostic centre. It is highly subsidised Medical Centre at affordable service.

Apart from day care, general medicines, surgery, eye, dental, orthopaedics, ENT, skin, homeopathy, X-RAY, CT-Scan, Colour Doppler, Sonography, 2D-Echo, TMT, PFT, ECG, EEG, Pathology, Hormone assays, Heath checks are done here. This is a complete medical care centre for all kinds of tests. Doctors related to all kinds of diseases are available here.

Contact details

  • Guru Nanak Medical Centre
Gurudwara Building, Near Railway Station, Secunderabad-500025


Dr. Rajender Singh is the specialist Pathologist and is the State General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Private Hospitals & Nursing Home Association. He is involved in several social initiatives amongst them being managing the Guru Nanak Medical Centre Secunderabad which provides free medical treatment for the general public. His is also Chairman of Saluja Multispecialty Hospital.

In the news

‘Healing touch' of the Sikh community by Pavithra S Rangan

Guru Nanak Medical Centre in Secunderabad.
Photo:G:Ramakrishna, The Hindu

Tucked away between commercial establishments on the busy road leading to the Secunderabad station, stands an unassuming building with a board that reads ‘Guru Nanak Medical Centre'.

Inside the centre, patients enter and exit rooms allotted for varied medical services one after the other, without much wait. And as they exit, the approval in their looks is unmistakable. A stark contrast to what one would expect on one look at the non-descript exteriors.

Calling out to the poor and down-trodden over the past five years, the centre, which is a unit of the Guru Nanak Charitable Trust, has been providing quality medical services at highly subsidised prices at a time when health care costs are sky-high.

“The way the doctor listens and explains the problem itself, makes you feel like half the illness has been alleviated,” says Manga, who had just finished her consultation with a physicist.

The attention the doctors paid seemed extraordinary to her, considering she was charged no more than Rs.20 for the consultation. “In big hospitals, even after we wait for hours and pay hundreds, we do not receive such care and treatment,” she says.

A housewife married to a daily wage labourer she, like numerous others, was initially drawn to the centre due to its affordability. “For those who cannot afford even this, we provide them medical services free of cost,” says R.S Saluja, convener of the centre, who is also the State president for the Andhra Pradesh Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Associations.

Interestingly, 365 donors of the Sikh community fund the functioning of the hospital through the year. Each one donates Rs. 5,100 on one day in a year, either for a birthday or an anniversary, and the centre gets funds all through the year.

While Sikh doctors deliver their services free of cost at the centre, all medical equipment there has been donated by members of the Sikh community. “Although this is run by the Sikhs, its services are for everyone. Over 95 per cent of our patients are non-Sikhs,” clarifies Dr. Saluja.

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