Gurdwara Nimm Sahib

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Gurdwara Nimm Sahib, situated in district patiala in Vill Aakrh, is in the memory of Guru Tegh Bahadur. Aakrh is situated ten Km away from Sirhind while going towards Patiala near to Tehalpura village. This magnificiant shrine is situated at outskirts of village.


While visiting the Malva region Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur arrived here in 1670 (Mutabak Samat 1727). From Anandpur, Guru ji visited Kiratpur, Ropar, Kurali, Gharooan, Jakhwali, Tehalpura then he reached the village now known as Aakrh.

Passing through the village to its outskirts he stopped at a Neem tree (Botanical Name - Azadirachta indica). Near the neem tree there was a small pond which he found to have cool and pure water. Guru jee watched the lonely place and then took the time to break the Datan(neem Twig) from the tree. There was a small tibba there from which a gursikh tarkhan came out and did selfless service of guru ji. Guruji liked his service and gave him blessing of Naam and also advised him Kirat karna, Naam Japna and Vand Shaknaa.

It is said that the guru then ordered his sikh followers to bring some children from the village to meet with him. His Sikhs moved all around the village telling the people about the Ninth Nanak and his request to meet with their children, but nobody came for Darshan of guru ji. The followers returned and told guru jee that the villagers were rude and that despite their requests, nobody was willing to bring their children or even allow allow their children to accompany them.

Then guru jee asked very politely if the villagers had aakrh (ego). To that the devotees answered that these people are egoistic and will egoisitic. That is how this village got the name Aakrh.

The Guru's Tarkhaan Follower felt so bad, on hearing about the indifferance of his neighbors, that he fell on guru's feet; scared, perhaps, that guru ji might put a curse on the whole village. He folded his hands and asked Guru ji, that as the people of the village don't know what they are doing, please forgive them

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