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Gujrat is a city and district located in present day Pakistan in the Punjab Province. A person living in Gujrat is called Gujrati. Gujrat is situated 120 km north of Lahore. To the north lies Jhelum, to the south Gujranwala, to the west Mandi-Bahauddin, and to the east Pakistan-Administrated Kashmir. It is located near the Chenab river. The city is surrounded many villages from which the local labour market is supplied.

Gujrat is an ancient city whch was founded by Raja Bachhan Pal in 460 BC, according to General Cunningham, the British historian. Gujrat's history is long and wide-reaching in its significance. Historical consensus is that it existed in the time of Alexander the Great, and that the city's Raja Porus put up a fierce challenge to Alexander's invasion at the bank of river Jehlum.

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