Durgah Peer Budhan Ali Shah

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Durgah Peer Budhan Ali Shah

Durgah Peer Budhan Ali Shah

Durgah Peer Budhan Ali Shah

The ‘Durgah’ of Peer Budhan Ali Shah is situated at Satwari area of Jammu near the Airport.

The dargah of Peer Baba is World famous and is associated with Two Sikh Gurus.

It is said that the shrine protects the people of the Jammu city from mishaps and evil spirits.

It is said in the plaque placed on Pir Budhan Shah's tomb that once Guru Nanak came to see him. The Pir said, "Our lion is out to graze the goats. We fear he might not eat you on return." Guru Nanak replied, "When he does not harm you, how can he harm me?" When the lion returned he paid his respect to Guru Nanak. Baba Budhan Shah ordered the lion to milk the goat and offer it to the sage. The lion milked the goats and offered it in a new pot Guru Nanak did not drink it and said, "I will drink it during the sixth Padshahi." (The reign of the guru) Pir Baba replied, "Most probably I may not live that long." Baba was very old at that time. Guru Nanak said, "I bless you that you would live. Keep my trust with you." Upon which the Pir Baba asked, "What will be your symptoms?" Guru Nanak replied, "I will hold the thumb of your right hand."

During the sixth Padshahi Guru Hargobind demanded the Milk and the trust from Pir Budhan Shah who asked for the identification. In reply he pressed the thumb of his right hand. He insisted on him to appear in the form of Guru Nanak. The Guru did it. He offered him fresh and warm milk.

Guru Har Gobind Ji have paid a visit to the tomb of Pir Budhan Shah and hence the origin of the said tradition.Gurudwara Tali Sahib (Talab Tillo) is the place where the Guru Sahibs stayed during their visit to Jammu city.

Pir Budhan Shah drank milk and was a vegetarian but devotees whose wishes are granted offer biryani (a dish of roasted meat with rice). The keeper says that he died at the place. The Sikh devotees, however, hold that once Guru Gobind Ji came to see him. The goats and lions wished him to send them to the other world along with the Pir Baba. Their wish was granted.

Pir Budhan Shah's tomb stands near the Jammu airport. This is referred to as Khanqah-e-Budhan Ali Shah. The shrine is registered in state records under this title. The tomb of Piran-e-pir Wahid Imad-Ul-Mulk Hazrat Budhan Ali Shah. It is said that his original grave is in Kiratpur. He was buried there according to his wish. In the courtyard are the graves of the goats and the lions. Some of his devotees brought some mud from the tomb at Kiratpur and interred it in Jammu and raised a tomb on it.

Jammu's airport

It is said, a portion of the shrine was pulled down unintentionally to make way for the construction of the runway of the Jammu airport. Difficulties began to surface from then. Hurdles were observed in the landing and the take-off the planes. Engines did not start for any valid reason, and if ever a plane took off it was forced to land soon after. The authorities were disturbed at these incidents. Baba Sahib then appeared in the vision of some officers and said, "Leave me my place. This disturbs me."

The authorities left the portion of the shrine and built the runway away from it. The accidents ceased. It is also said, the plane dips in respect to Baba Sahib. Formerly the grave was kachcha but later was turned into pucca. Efforts were made to put a roof over it but Pir Baba did not allow it.

The devotees

Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslim's gather at the Shrine on every Thursday, offering cooked rice with meat in big pots, while drums are beat.


The shrines of mystics saints are place of national integration but the Shrine of Pir Baba Budhan Shah presents a spectacle, not seen elsewhere in the country. The langar offers food to thousands of people, irrespective of caste, color, or creed.