Dera Morala Sahib

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Dera Morala Sahib was founded by Sant Baba Amir Singh. He was succeeded by Baba Bishan Singh and Sant Prem Singh respectively. This establishment was situated in the Kharian Tehsil of Gujrat District (now in Pakistan). Upto the beginning of the twentieth century, this dera was under the control of the Arora Sikhs. But in 1908 Sant Prem Singh, a prominent Lubana Sikh was nominated as head of this establishment by Baba Bishan Singh. Under the guidance of Sant Prem Singh, this establishment became very significant. It had about 60 rooms and provided accommodation to about 200 persons.

The management of the establishment was in the hands of its head. Various duties were assigned to different persons by him. The income was mainly from land and offerings. The succession in the earlier days was according to virtues and capability. But after 1950 it became hereditary.

The daily programmes of the dera included the recitationof Asa Di Vaar and Rehras by a Ragi Jatha in the presence os a large gathering. On special occassions big diwans were held. Such functions were attended by Kirtan Jathas, lecturers, Parcharaks and important leaders. Langar was served. Special arrangement was made for Amrit Parchar. The Dera had ten persons especially for this task.

Dera Morala Sahib played an important role for spreading education and eradicating social evils in the Lubana community.