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Mata Chando or Mata Chando Rani was the mother of Mata Sulakhni and the mother-in-law of Guru Nanak. She was the wife of Baba Mool Chand who was a Chona Khatri, resident of Batala and they looked after the lands of the Randhava Jatts of the village of Pakkhokc in present-day Gurdaspur district of the Punjab. They had a daughter of marriageable age named Sulakhani whom they betrothed to (Guru) Nanak, who was then working as a modi or store holder for the Nawab Daulat Khan of Sultanpur Lodhi. The match was arranged through Bhai Jai Ram, husband of the Guru's sister, Bibi Nanaki, and the marriage was solemnized at Batala on 8 July 1487 (Harh 24, 1544) but is normally celebrated in Batala during late August each year.. Gurdwara Dehra Sahib, also known as Viah Asthan Guru Nanak Dev Ji, now marks the place where Mata Chando Rani and Baba Mool Chand lived. The Nanak family sometimes moved to Pakkhoke Randhave where Mata Sulakhni came with her two sons to stay with her parents during Guru Nanak's mission abroad when he was away from home. She would rejoin later him at Kartarpur, opposite Pakkhoke across the River Ravi, where he had settled after his prolonged travels.


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Relatives of Shri Guru Nanak Dev guru nanak

Grandparents: ✝ Mata BanarasiBaba Shiv Ram ✝ Grandparents (Maternal):✝ Mata BhiraiBaba Rama
Parents: ✝ Kalyan DasMata Tripta ✝ Uncle: ✝ Baba Lalu ✝ In-Laws: ✝ Baba Mool ChandMata Chando Rani
Wife: ✝ Bibi Sulakhni ✝ Siblings: ✝ Bibi Nanaki ✝ Brother-in-law: ✝ Bhai Jai Ram
Children: ✝ Baba Sri ChandBaba Lakhmi Das