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The Manji or Manji System along with the Piri System were innovative systems established by the third Guru, Guru Amar Das, Ji at Goindwal to spread Sikhi across Punjab and India under a logical and well-planned method of administration. Twenty-two devoted Gursikhs, all noble, devout men and women (called sangatia or masands) were appointed by Guru Amar Das Ji to spread Guru Nanak Dev Ji’ s message, provide spiritual guidance, and keep the Sangat (congregation) in touch with Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message. Each Manji (dioceses) was also responsible for the offerings of each Sangat (the Dasvand), which they made in token of their reverence to the Guru. The Sikhs' offering was used for langar, (the community kitchen) and after meeting the expenses of the local chapters, the surplus was to be passed on to the Guru’s golak (the community chest) at Goindwal.