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BABA DASU (b. 1524) was the eldest son of second Sikh Guru, Guru Angad and Mata Khivi, was born on 9 Bhadon 1581, 7 August 1524 at Khadur Sahib in presentday Amritsar district of the Punjab. He was ambitious to succeed his father in the spiritual line, but the latter, as records Kesar Singh Chhibbar, Bansavalinama, spoke:

"He [Amar Das] is my brother and to him I am entrusting the responsibility 
Him I have reckoned as capable of bearing the burden."

Dasu kept quiet at the time, but, after the passing away of Guru Angad, as his duly anointed successor, Guru Amar Das shifted to Goindval, he proclaimed himself Guru at Khadur even against the remonstrance of his mother. Later he recanted and apologized to his mother who took him to Goindval. He made obeisance to Guru Amar Das and then became a true disciple of the Guru. He then remained at Goindwal thereafter. He was one of two sons of the second Sikh Guru. The name of his brother was Baba Dattu and his sisters were Bibi Amro and Bibi Anokhi.

Relatives of Guru Angad Dev

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