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Maas maas kar murakh jhagdy....SGGS pg

Term 'Kuthha' in Gurbani means Kuthha or ''Any Meat' & Why ?'


Prof Sahib Singh

1....... iesy qrHW ieh g`l BI nhIN ik ieQy m`CI dw mws Kwx qoN rok rhy hn [ swry pRsMg ƒ rlw ky pVHo........

2. English translation not available. Would any scholars/ Sikhs please be kind enough to help with this translation! Amita Singh

=Shiromini Gurdwara Parbandak Committee

3. Published in Sikh Rahit Mariyada.

Sdr Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afgana

4. In his Book 'Maas Maas Kar Moorakh Jhagdy'


5. I am LORD TRUTH's Mutia, brought here by the will of my lord.


Bhai Manmohan Singh

4. Article 'Vegitarianism' on SikhiWiki

Bhai Randhir Singh

5. I take the libery, even at the risk of invoking the ire of many, to reiterate that MUTIA remains immersed in GURMAT and SatGur.

6. MUTIA does NOT ever support any controversy what so ever.

6. May this humble sewak look forward to contributions from all TRUE Sikhs to further the cause of TRUTH and GURMAT! Amita Singh 17 Jan 06

Maan you Hari Singh je WaKaFa!

Unsure how to understand this but I noticed that the title for this article was recently changed. I apologize if my bold, and somewhat cryptic writings have offended any of my esteemed Sikh bretheren.

It pains me however, to see that the person who has risked the wrath of the entire world by calling himself 'Truthful' should now be placed alongside 'Falsehood.'

Since the aforementioned change has been made by your pen sir, I humbly acknowledge and accept the tag of 'Falsehood' now attached to my name. But may I please request you to let me know where exactly was it that I went wrong.

Your feedback, sir, I assure you, will be taken in as positive a light as that of a parent to a child and it will be a pleasure and an honor to make any changes that you suggest.

Guru's eternally, Amita

--Mutia 12:24, 3 October 2007 (EDT)