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Satdeep Singh

Satdeep Singh(Pa:ਸਤਦੀਪ ਸਿੰਘ), is a promising Sikh Film director, editor and cinematorgapher. He is working as Senior Research Fellow(SRF) at MERADO(CSIR), Ludhiana.He belongs to a Sikh Family, He made three movies related to Sikh Philosophy and issues. Heading "Khalsa Theatre", Singh's genre aims to make movies on Sikh Values, Philosophy and History. His first product was Virse De Waris Nu which was liked by Sikhs worldwide. His first impression was serial showing Baba Nanak and Sajjan event. He is recognized by SGPC, Missionary College and Sikh people for his work and dedication toward Sikh Community and to potray the Sikhism in his movies.


  • His first play was during his child hood was "Dhan Nanak Teri Vaddi Kamaai".
  • In 2009, He made movie "Virse De Waris Nu", was released by Sikh Missionary College, Ludhiana .
  • In 2010, He made a movie “the forgotten truth” which was based on a spiritual and universal concept, won first prize in Sikhnet Film Festival. Satdeep got many awards for it including the prestigious SGPC award at Sachkhand Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar.
  • In 2011, He made short movie “born to lead”, which won first prize in Sikhnet Film Festival.
  • Made short documentary on the lifetime achievements and contribution of Gurmat Sangeet legend Prof. Kartar Singh ji.
  • Currently is writing and directing a movie for Shan-ae-Khalsa(a sikh organisation) titled "proud to be a sikh”.

Suggestion and Comments

Following are contact of Satdeep Singh, given publicly for comments and suggestion for his work done for Sikhi till now.

  • Facebook Link : Connect to Satdeep Singh
  • Contact Number: +91-7837945901
  • eMail ID: [email protected]