Virse De Waris Nu

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Virse De Varis Nu
Virsa Front.jpg
Name: Virse de Varis nu
Director: Satdeep Singh
Producer Sikh Missionary College(Regd.), Ludhiana
Writer Satdeep Singh
Starring Amandeep Singh
Malkit Singh
Joginder Singh
Gurmukh Singh
Jagdeep Singh
Parminder Kaur
Manjit Kaur
Charanjit Singh
Sanjeev Kumar
Cinematography Satdeep Singh
Malkit Singh
Arvinder Khaira
Editing Satdeep Singh
Runtime 66 Minutes
Language Punjabi

Virse de Varis Nu is a 2009 Indian Film written and Directed by Satdeep Singh related to Sikh issues. It is Punjabi language Sikh film. It means To the heritor of Heritage. The movie covers the various issues of Sikh Youth. It is a production of the Sikh Missionary College. The story is about a Sikh boy who is unaware of the great history, culture and values of Sikhi. Suddenly one day he meets with an incident that changes his life. However, after his change, he is confronted with the often cruel reality of the society in which he is living. The movie tries to answers various questions and issues that confront young Sikhs, creating obstacles in their path. It tries to show them the real picture. The main character Gursewak Singh and the issues that he faces are the same issues that all young Sikhs are facing today.

The movie was produced, distributed and marketed by Sikh Missionary College, Ludhiana was shot in Pinjore, Kalka, Ludhiana etc. Gurdwara Mehdiana Sahib is shown in the movie.

Spoiler warning!

Warning!, while I think this movie is well worth your time and deals with matters important to all Sikhs, don't read any further if you want the movie to be a surprise. My summary covers only part of the film. (The first sentence may tell you a little too much.)


The Movie opens with Gursewak Singh sitting in his office, as a young man with a trimmed beard wearing a turban comes in for an interview. The young man hoping to find work was named charanjit singh. Feeling some empathy for the young man, Gursewak Singh began to relate a story from his earlier years, narrating a story of his own life and his search that lead to his being baptized as a Khalsa and how he faced his problems by guru's grace.

The movie then takes us back to an earlier time when Gursewak was a Cap wearing Sikh, who knew very little about sikhi and its history. He and his friends were on a trip and with night coming on they found a Gurdwara, which had accomodations for pilgrims and weary travelers. Before he settled in for a much needed night of restful sleep he went to the central room where the Guru Sahib was installed. As he entered the room Gursewak heard a man speaking. He didn't want to interrupt the man so he entered the room carefully and looking, saw that it an old man lamenting before Guru Sahib about his son who cut his hair. He was very angry with his son. He wept before Guru about his son ignoring the words of Guru Gobind Singh and the compact that the Guru and his sikhs had made. As he listened, the words of the old man touched Gursewak Singh and stirred something in his inner soul. With a pain he couldn't understand he left his friends to continue their tour of Shimla He started a very personal tour into his heart and the past of his ancestors. His inner journey took him into the history of Sikhi and his roots.

His journey of self discovery takes him to Mehdiana Sahib and another gurdwara, his search ends with his taking amrit before he returns home, as a bapitized Sikh. The rest of the movie deals with the problems he faced after having amrit?

I won't ruin the rest of the film, I only wanted to let you know enough to get you watch this very enjoyable film.

Did his family accept his step? Did his friends accept him? Did his professional life accept him? Please do watch this movie.


Actor/Actress Role
Amandeep Singh Gursewak Singh, Our hero, who after his baptism is beset by problems, which with guru's grace are overcome
Malkit SIngh Malkit Singh Father of Gursewak Singh
Gurmukh singh Gurmukh Singh, Malkit Singh's Business Partener
Joginder singh as the person doing ardas in gurudwara sahib
Sanjeev Kumar as the boss in office scene
Jagdeep singh as the boy who saves gursewak from going on wrong path
Charanjit singh as the patit boy in start of movie office scene.

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