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UNCLEAR, confusing sentence:

New Akal Rest House: This building is situated near the rear of Guru Arjan Dev Niwas. It houses 49 rooms, out of which 5 rooms with 25 bedrooms with attached bathrooms are reserved for foreign tourists. Nominal rent may be charged for these facilities.

the above sentence says there are 5 rooms that have 25 bedrooms - is this correct?

the chart below the sentence (on page) says there are 44 rooms for local pilgrims and 5 reserved for foreign tourists. Question: are the five reserved for tourists or for foreign pilgrims or for people of other religions?

What I think is meant (correct) - This Niwas has 49 rooms, of which 44 are reserved for pilgrims (from India?). 5 rooms are reserved for foreign tourists. 25 of the bedrooms have attached bathrooms. Nominal rent may be charged for these facilities.

what rooms have the 25 attached bathrooms?


Bhai Sahib ji,

I agree with you; it is confusing - this is obviously a mistake - I think it should simply say - Total No. of Room is 49 of which 44 rooms available for local pilgrims + 5 rooms for "foreigners". I think the terminology should be changed to read "built to local standards" and "built to overseas standards"

Please see:

From it appears that all rooms have attached bathrooms!

Hope this helps. Regards, Hari Singhtalk 15:55, 4 March 2010 (UTC)