Sukhmam Sahansarnama

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SUKHMAM SAHANSARNAMA (PARAMARAIH), by Sodhi Hariji, is a commentary in prose on Sukhmani Sahansarnama, a poetic composition by his father, Sodhi Miharban, containing 30 astpadis or 8 stanza compositions in the style of Guru Arjan's Sukhmani. The term 'Paramarath' in the title denotes explanation or exposition to distinguish this work from the original text by Sodhi Miharban. Beginning with an invocation to Sri ThakurJi (Lord Krsna), the original work subscribes to the Vaisnavite theory of incarnation against the monotheistic nirguna doctrine of the Gurus. Hariji in his commentary expands the mythological account of the various incarnations of God, with elaborate details of the exploits of Lord Rama and Lord Krsna mentioned in the 23rd and 25th astpadis respectively of the original composition. The work is also sometimes referred to as Chaiibis Avutaran di Pothi or the Book of Twentyfour Incarnations. According to internal evidence, the work was commenced in 1646 and completed probably in two years. Its language is old Hindi or Hindavi which was in vogue among professional preachers and priests of those days. However, biographical passages, wherever they occur, are in chaste Punjabi and provide typical specimens of contemporary Punjabi prose, with a poetic flourish. The work has not yet been published. Three manuscript copies are preserved in the Central Public Library at Patiala, under catalogue numbers 692, 1904 and 2914.


Ganjnama ♦♦ Bansavalinama Dasan Patshahian Ka ♦♦ Bavanja kavi ♦♦ Bhagat Ratanavali ♦♦ Bhera Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Ka ♦♦ Chalitar Joti Samavane ki ♦♦ Chaturbhuj Pothi ♦♦ Haqiqat Rah Muqam Raje Shivnabh Ki ♦♦ Hazarnamah ♦♦ Kabitt Savaiye ♦♦ Karni Namah ♦♦ Nasihat Namah ♦♦ Amarnama ♦♦ Ani Rai ♦♦ Araz Ul Alfaz ♦♦ Baba Mohan Valian Pothian ♦♦ Bala Janam Sakhi ♦♦ Panj Sau Sakhi ♦♦ Pothi ♦♦ Pothi Sachkhand ♦♦ Prem Abodh Pothi ♦♦ Prem Sumarag ♦♦ Sukhmam Sahansarnama