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For Information only This article may contain Sects or Cults, Fake Babas, Deras, Fake Nihangs, Sanatan Dharmis, Pseudo Akalis & Mahants, Pseudo Intellectuals & Historians, Leftists and agnostic which are not considered a part of Sikhism. The article is just for information purposes.

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For Information only Please note that this article may be Controversial or may refer to Anti-Sikhi values
SikhiWiki maintains this article for historical record and for information purposes only.
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THe following are links which are alerts for our panth.

Links on Organizations, institutions harming Panthic interests.

Leftists and agnostics : ( Kala-Afghana, et. al.)

Cults, Fake Babas and Deras (SatNaam Cult, Sacha Sauda, Bhaniarawala, Aushutosh, etc.)

  • Nariendar Grewal's SatNaam Cult

Cults propogated by GOI and RAW (Naamdhari, Narakdhareees, Radhaswamis, etc.

Fake Nihangs and Sanaatan Dharmis (Budha Dal of Santa Singh Nang)

So-called intellectuels & historians (Gurtej Singh, Kushwant Singh, Spokesman Magazine)

Psuedo Akalis & Mahants (Badal, Badungar, Puran Singh, etc.)