Samadh Sardar Charat Singh, Gujranwala

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The Samadh of Sardar Charat Singh, is behind Sheranwala Bagh on G.T. road, inside Gujranwala city. It appears to be the gate on a mansion. Presently there are few houses inside it. There used to be a Baradari (Summer house with 12 entrances) built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh which has vanished now.

Sardar Charrat Singh was the founder of Sukkerchakia Misl and grandfather of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was born in Samvat 1779 and fought a life long battle for the establishment of Khalsa Raj. He captured Gujranwala and succeeded in establishing a Sikh principality over a large area. He died in Samvat 1832 (1722 AD) when his matchlock accidently exploded. The building of Samadh is strong and beautifully built.