Major Bhupinder Singh

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Major Bhupinder Singh’’’, a son of Ludhiana, set an inspiring example of personal sacrifice and bravery in the best traditions of the Indian Army.

Major Bhupinder Singh, Squadron Commander, Hodson’s Horse, led his squadron with distinction in the battle of Phillore and Sodreke in Pakistan between September 11 and 19,1965. With skilful deployment and bold action, his squadron was able to cause large-scale destruction of Pakistani tanks and other equipment. Although his tank was hit on several occasions, he continued to remain in affective command and, by several acts of personal gallantry, inspired his men to fight courageously. On September 19, 1965, in the battle of Sodreke his tank was hit and caught fire. While escaping from his flame engulfed tank. Burned severely Major Bhupinder Singh succumbed to his injuries.

Honor: Mahavir Chakra

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