Gurdwara Tahliana Sahib

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Gurdwara Tahliana Sahib is situated in the Raikot city of Ludhiana Distt. Guru Gobind Singh came here all the from Machiwara Sahib via Alamgeer Sahib. When Guru Gobind Singh came to this place at that time, Paali Noora Maahi of Rai Kalle used to graze cattle. Guru Gobind Singh asked him to provide milk to which Noora requested that he had just milked the buffaloes. Then Guru Gobind Singh pointed towards one of the buffaloes & asked him to milk that buffalo to which Noora replied that he doesn't have a utensil. Guru Gobind Singh then & there gave him Ganga Sagar around which there were 288 holes. Noora tied the buffalo to one Karaunda shrub & was astonished to see that when the buffalo gave milk, inspite of the 288 holes in the Ganga Sagar, the milk did not come out. On seeing this miracle, Noora was very happy & told the whole story to Rai Kalle following which all the people came to have glimpse of Guru Gobind Singh.

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Sitting at this place Guru Gobind Singh asked Rai Kalle to provide some horse riders, so that he could send them to Sirhind to get news about Mata Gujri Ji & younger Sahibjada's. Rai Kalle accepted the service at once & sent Noora to Sirhind to get news about Mata Gujri & younger Sahibjada's as Noora's sister Nooran was married at Sirhind. Noora accepted the order & went to his sister in Sirhind. On hearing about Mata Gujri & Sahibjada's, he came back to Raikot & told the whole story to Guru Gobind Singh that younger Sahibjada's had been martyred by bricking them alive as the Sahibjada's didn't accept Islam. On hearing the news, Guru Gobind Singh dug out the root of Kaahi's plant with the help of his arrow & declared that Mughal rule roots have been dug. At that time, Rai Kalle requested that he is also a Turkish. Guru Gobind Singh was very pleased with Rai Kalle's service so Guru Gobind Singh presented him a Sword (Khanda), Ganga Sagar (with 288 holes) & a Rehal & said that till the time you keep good care of these things, nothing would happen to your rule.