Gurdwara Sangat Sahib Förening

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Gurdwara Sangat Sahib is the oldest Gurdwara in Sweden, and the new Gurdwara building was opened 1995.

The Gurdwara is a meeting place for religious activities, and everybody is welcome, but please refer to the article Visiting a Gurdwara to familiarize yourself with Sikh traditions and the behavior expected of all visitors to a Gurdwara.

Although there is no exact statistic on the number of Sikhs in Sweden today, the approximate number of is around 1000-1500, of which, most of these are settled in Stockholm and Gothenburg (Göteborg). However, the size of the Sangat (gathering) varies a lot week to week.


The Gurdwara in Stockholm is located in Tullinge, a suburb of Stockholm, and the area is well serviced by public transportation from central town. Bus 722 towards Tullinge station, and 713 towards Tumba station from Huddinge Hospital (also known as Karolinska universitets sjukhuset). After stepping of at “Dymmelkärsvägen” you need to walk for three minutes to reach the Gurdwara.

Opening hours

The Gurdwara is open everyday from 6 am 8 pm. Divine service occur only on Sundays from 10 am till 2-3 pm, due to practicle reasons.

Please contact the Gurdwara for further information. Questions or comments are most welcome. Please contact us by e-mail, and a response will arrive as promtly as soon as possible.

Contact & Address

Gurdwara Sangat Sahib Förening
Dymmelkärrsv. 23 14650 TULLINGE
Tel +46 (0) 8-778 14 14
[email protected]