Gurdwara Pehli Patshahi, Alpa

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The village Alpa is in tehsil Chunian of Kasur district. A road from Pattoki leads towards the River Ravi. Halla, a well known town lies on this road and is famous being a dairy farming. Alpa is located at a distance of twelve kilometer from Halla right on the bank of River Ravi. Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Ji arrived in this village from Nankana and stayed for a while. Earlier this shrine was about four kilometers outside village Alpa but now a village called Chota Nanakiana Alpa has been built here. Once upon a time Prakash used to take place here and fair used to be held on Visakhi. Only three rooms stand now which housed a Govt School. These rooms-are now lying vacant. The roofs have caved in. There is a huge estate endowed in the name of this shrine in this as well as in some other villages.