Gurdwara Hardusahari, Sahari

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There are two villages by the same name i.e., Sahari in tehsil and district Kasur and have earned the name Hardusahari (hardu in 'Persian' means both). The village can be reached by Tonga from Kot Murad Khan of Kasur otherwise you have to get down at Bhilla Hatthar railway station. The Gurdwara Sahari Pir is located in the outskirt of the village and his samadh too is built adjacent to it. The tank has changed into a pool of stagnated water. The building is strong being new. 85 ghumaon of land granted to the Gurdwara is located in this village. The Muslims of the village call this place Sahari Pir. He left a will saying that after his death his body should be built within walls in an upright position at the cremation grounds so that none is hurt whether they burry or cremate their dead. A sheet of cloth with Quranic verses covers his Samadh now and Muslim villagers recite Quran. A fair is held annually. Muslim fakir_ looks after the shrine. Pir Sahari Chhina Jat became a great saint after becoming a Sikh of Guru Amar Das Ji. "Gangu uper sahar bharu" (Gur parsad)