Gurdwara Diwan Khana, Chuna Mandi

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This holy shrine is located in Chuna Mandi of Lahore city, now in present-day Pakistan. The birth place of Guru Ram Das is at this location.

The ancestors of Guru Ram Das were the residents of Lahore. Guru Ram Das, did not come in person to Lahore to attend the marriage ceremony of the son of his brother Sahari Mal and instead sent his son Arjun Dev, with the instruction that he should not return until and unless summoned back.

A long time passed, Arjun Dev Ji despatched three letters to his Guru Father out of which two remained undelivered as these fell in the hands of Baba Pirthi Chand, the eldest son of Guru Ram Das. Only the third letter in which he had also mentioned about the first two found its destination. In this letter it was written: " Mera Man Loche Gurudarshan tain" (I am burning with a desire to see Guru Ji). See the article Creation of Shabad Hazaray for further details about this.

This shrine is also known as Dharamsala Guru Ram Das Ji. Diwan khana of Guru Arjun Dev Ji is also inside this enclosure. Maharaja Ranjit Singh built a spacious building over the site which is registered in the record of Lahore Corporation at registration No N 2143.

Sangat used to proceed on foot from here to visit Janamasthan of Jagat Guru. Its control remained with Shiromni Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee from 1927 to 1947 AD and at present it is in the custody of Pakistan Waqf Board and it has settled some people in it. The sangat cannot visit this place. Four shops and 18 ghumaon of land in village Rana Bhatti Shahdara are endowed to the Gurdwara.