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Shaheed Giani Hari Singh Ji was born in the village of Jandawale, Tehsil Kharian, in Gujrat on 17th June 1923, the day on which Kaar Sewa of the Amritsar Sarowar started. His mother's name was Mata Bhag Kaur and his father's name was Giani Gurcharan Singh who ran his own business in Amritsar. His secondary education was in Guru Ramdas Khalsa High School in Amritsar and he took Amrit at the young age of eleven.

His father, Giani Gurcharan Singh was a very devoted Gursikh and would travel around with Baba Prem Singh Marabewale to do Parchar of Gurbani and took part in the Sewa of the five during Amrit Sinchars. Bhai Hari Singh learnt to read Gurbani from his father during childhood.Apart from his Nitnem he would daily recite Sukhmani Sahib and Shabads from the tenth Guru's Bani that he had memorised. He would always recite God's Name, even while working.

Bhai Hari Singh went to listen to Kirtan at the Akhand Kirtani Jatha's yearly Vaisakhi Smagam on Vaisakhi 13th April 1978 in Ajit Naggar, Amritsar. Here, news was received about the Nirankaris shouting slogans against the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Gursikhs decided to launch a peaceful protest.

They all started walking towards the Nirankari gathering including Bhai Hari Singh and his young son Bhai Nonihal Singh. When the Gursikhs were about three hundred yards from the gathering the police stopped them. Soon afterwards, the Nirankaris, who were armed with swords, axes, guns and spears, attacked them. Bhai Hari Singh was Shaheed and his son was badly injured.

Shaheed Bhai Hari Singh Ji's funeral took place on the 15th April 1978 along with the other twelve Shaheeds according to the Gurmaryada on the ground in front of Ramsar Sahib. He was the eldest of his brothers and leaves behind his wife, three sons and one daughter.

During a Panthic gathering at Sri Akal Takht Sahib on 23rd April 1978, Shaheed Bhai Hari Singh Ji's wife was honoured by the Akal Takht and gave the message to the Panth:

"My husbandhas given his life for Guru Ji and my three sons are also ready to give their lives whenever the Panth needs them."

By Bhai Baldev Singh.