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Vishnu das was the founder of Gehr Ganbeehreh.In 1863, a child named Vishnu took birth in the village of Thana, Ludhiana. Born to a ‘Tarkhan’ (carpenter) named Kan Chand and his wife Sukhi, at the age of 11 he became a disciple of an Udasi, Sant Mehtab Das. He later changed his name to Vishnu Das. In 1880, he joined the ‘Vada Akhara’ of Udasis (orthodox Udasis) and became itinerant. Then, in 1887, on becoming disillusioned with the multifarious forms of Sikhism, he started to propagate his own philosophy of ‘Gehr Ganbeehr Naam’ meaning ‘deep contemplation of Naam’. He settled in Ropar, in the district of Ambala