Various Facts On Labana

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  • Lambadis( what Labanas are called in Andhra Pardesh ), are closer to Northern Indians. The Lambadis are a large picturesque tribe who is found throughout Deccan though most of them are found in Andhra Pradesh, especially in Telangana. They are good agriculturist and excellent cattle breeders. They served as the commisariat of the Moghul armies. The last line is of particular interest too. The commissariat of Moghul armies work is what Lakhi Shah Labana used to do
  • Baba Makhan Shah Lubana was born to Hardeo in Sammat 1703. He was Pelia, of Got Kashyap. He was married to Bibi Sital Devi, daughter of Naik Parshotam Das, of Got Sandlas as per Rajput rites. He inherited the business from his father. He had one son. Lal Das. His great-grandsons are recorded as all Singhs. His great grand-son Baba Nodh Singh died fighting alongside Baba Deep Singh Ji. Guru Sagar De Suche Moti - Giani Chet Singh, Former Head Granthi, Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar. some info from Lubana Itihaas by Harnam Singh. Makhan Shah Lubana is recorded as being a Sikh who had the great opportunity of seeing Guru Hargobind Ji when the Guru was coming back from Kashmir.
  • The book Labana Itihaas, by Sardar Harnam Singh describes Lobana as associated with the word Loh-Bana, and here Loh means Iron, and Bana means dress. People who dress in Iron Armour. As per this book, there was a battle between the Labana warriors, and another king. The valour with which these warriors fought gave rise to the phrase Loh-Bane. The same book also gives an alternate description as being the Hindu Lord Ram's Son Lau's descendents - Lau - aana.