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Please note that your pages have been moved to the user domain as they do not conform to the requirement for thr main domain:

Page 1: Je Javian Sati moved to User:Yuri.Mastana/Je Javian Sati

Page 2: International Foreign Motorsport moved to User:Yuri.Mastana/International Foreign Motorsport

Page 3: SHENMUE Singh moved to User:Yuri.Mastana/SHENMUE Singh

Page 4: India Democracy -> User:Yuri.Mastana/India_Democracy

Articles Moved:

All above without leaving a redirect ‎‎

Please note that you must not add any articles to the main domain unless they are related to Sikhism

Hari Singhtalk 03:14, 24 July 2021 (UTC)

Dear Khalsa ji, Please do not add any pages to the main domain as the work that you have done has no relevance to Sikhi. You are free to add to the user domain only. If you do not comply, you will force us to regrettably block you from this website.

Hari Singhtalk 23:45, 23 September 2021 (UTC)