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Sayth Nanak Akhan jor chupyy nahin jor... Appy patti kalam aap uppar lekh ve tu.....

  • SatGurBani is a language.
  • Language of TRUTH.
  • Language of Truthful Beings
  • Language of GOD
  • Language of Humanity
  • is GOD.
  • is Guru.
  • is Universe.
  • Has no attributes (except NAAM which is 'TRUTH'/'Gur'(not Guru, Guru is artificial name of Gur) but as Khalsa has All attributes.
  • Loved by those who are blessed by Language of GOD
  • Hated / shuned /avoided / bypased / misinterpreted / maliciosly misunderstood by those who are NOT considered worthy of GOD's WILL.
  • Human beings learn languages & make their interpretations based on their envitonment, culture & (paaps(falsies) residing in their minds...Bhariy mat pappa ky sang.....
  • Gurbani is immune to history & cultures.(Only entity Gurus cared for was, had been , is here & now will ever be is TRUTH). That is What Sikh Web Sites stay worried about, NAAM, DAAN & ISHNAAN gets 2nd position (2 alias duality is a taboo word & is the only (ONE) paap in Sikhism, the religion of ONE where even paap is ONE but Sects are? . Rest all branded Paaps & punns are ek Saman.
  • Any Language is best learnt from natives, Natives do not need so called scholarly grammer rules {neither they have}. A Socially known and publically understood 'Amritdhari humble old soul' in a remote village of Punjab is the one who knows & regards GurBani As a language, as does Prof Sahib Singh & so did all Nanaks. It was to replace Sanskrit.'GurMat permits no ritualism' not withstanding, 'birdh kee payyj rahy' stands a certified ritual during ardaas.
  • Understanding a Language has to be emotiomaly intutive and not analytiacal in approach. More so for SatGurBani which is not merly a language. Besides that Bani is universe beyond universes.
  • Anti-Sikh forces have left nothing unturned in ensuring that Punjabi 'Amritdhari humble old soules' are dumped ensuring free for all for the ManMukhs.
  • through repeatedly Listening to, Speaking, Singing, reading, writing & corelating it with the known languages, understanding & helping others understand it (NAAM DAAN ISHNAAN) is the only way any language can be learnt.
  • Formal dictates of Jap(u) not withstanding that is exactly not the method which is institutionalised in a society where every amrit Dhari has to be a SatGutMat Scholar.
  • All Language are immune to Mechanical & short sighted logics of human maliace / perception for their learning. e. g. a person new to english langauage can not question as to why the world 'talk' is not splled as 'tak'. If 'l' is silent it has to be accepted with humility & grace as being silent.
  • How on earth Sikhs.(does any one formally publically & socially call himself that way. Ghosts of presumed Sikhs write on Sikhiwiki) feel Blessings of SatGurBani language stand assured if Countless paid Akhand paths are ratteled out( & not listened to and read & understood by those who call themself Sikh.s)by paid service provides alias pujaaries alias FALSEHOOD.
  • It is unforunate that GOD's own language is interpreted & not accepted as is & pondered over during Amrit Vela at times even by those who are not even Sikh.s but claim to be Khalsa & maliciously evade TRUTHs.
  • For the introverts & those who love reading books rather than socialising, the best guide to learn 'SatGurBani' languge happen to be Bhai Veer Singh & Prof Sahib Singh's Life time work DARPAN.Sikhism is a religion of selecting ONE TRUTH(best option) out of the crowd. DARPAN is ONE.
  • It is further unfotunate that the Path, Panth & Society which claims to be flawless & believing in ONE best, has not been able to formally & publically arrive at a decision as to what is ONE best.
  • Anti GurMat forces have all to themself. contless translations say what the translators feel & their promotors decide is TRUTH, not what SatGurBani Language dictates to be TRUTH.

Sayth Nanak--- ih bhe daq tyre daqar..... WaKaFa!!!--Mutia 12:51, 1 May 2007 (EDT)