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Bhai Sahib Ji, please review, change, correct or clarify recent edits, as needed, especially in reference to (GO!) as every article I can find on Flemish education is unclear and conflicting. As you may know in GB the term Public School - means private schools, what is the difference, in Belgium, between a public/private school that receives no government support and one that does. Also their was no mention of female students (Sikh) in the article, some of whom I assume might want to wear a scarf to cover their heads, rather than be ‘inhead’ or wear a turban.

Reply on 23 Nov - done. Thanks for pointing out! This is a common problem in translation : what words to use. Female students are included, as I had not mentioned males anywhere. Since Im new to the wiki editing, Im having trouble inserting references and images. Working on it! :-)

Also are not some Gurdwaras setting up Sikh schools (including education in Sikh history and Gurmukhi)? Are Muslims also setting up schools as well? Surely there are Jewish schools as well. Does the government of Belgium review the curriculum of individual religious schools? Could you please address this in the article?

Reply on 23 Nov -No there are too few Sikh pupils to consider this option. Also, nobody has talked of such an initiative. We do not know of any such initaitives by the other communities. The catholic schools have so far rejected allowing a dastaar but talks are in progress.

Thanks also for adding to the articles at Sikhiwiki. Please continue to do so in the future. Reply on 23 Nov - awesome site! Thanks to YOU ALL for making it!

Also, Though I haven’t seen many contributions from him lately there is a young contributor from Belgium - Sunny talk who has contributed to many articles on this site. Reply on 23 Nov - thanks for pointing out Sunny! Will get in touch with him :-) Raab Rakha, Allenwalla 02:03, 21 November 2010 (EST) Fatehji!


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Hello, Sat Sri Akal, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, Namastae, Salaam, ਜੀ ਆਇਆਂ ਨੂੰ: Belgiumsikhs Ji! A very warm welcome from SikhiWiki and many thanks for your contribution so far to the article Turbans in Belgian Schools. I hope you will bookmark this Sikhi website and keep visiting it on a regular basis.

Also, you can help us enhance this site by checking it, amending it, by adding to it, by making useful suggestions and by discussing issues on the discussion pages, etc. Please feel free to add to or amend any of the topics that you have knowledge about. Don't worry about making mistakes, as these can be easily corrected.

For more guidance please see Help or contact me through my user page here.
With Waheguru's kirpa, may you always remain in Chardi kala. Many thanks, Hari Singhtalk, 15:03, 21 November 2010 (EST)



I am fine brother, you tell me? What city are you from?

Yes I was born in Flanders and live in Brussels since last 14 years. I sometimes go to Vilvoorde Gurdwara - I had stopped going because of the continous on-going fights. It has been longtime since I haven't gone though. I also sometimes go to Borgloon Gurughar. SunnySinghDoad 07:10, 28 November 2010 (EST)