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appy patti kalam aap upper lykh ve tu.......

....O Nanak! this is written but by you on my heart & on the hearts of IDOLS of TRUTH

Khalsa ji,.....WaKaFa!! Welcome to the page of this neecha andar neech jaat & Nanak ghar Ka Gola

  • jy myy hunda varia, mita aaeeada hyda jly mnjeeth sio uppar angaaraa.......if I, for whatever may be the reason, is found wanting for 'welcome gesture' extended by me for the honourable guest, may my heart be pulled out of my body and boiled the way color giving herb plant is boiled to give its holy colour ony after the plant gets graded as 'no more'
--My email-- User'[email protected]

ATRUTH Crafter's ਸਤਿ TRUE ਨਾਮ੝ Profile
ਗ੝ਰ ਪ੝ਰਸਾਦਿ through the Grace of Gurbani

AAP JPYY:Am I emulate Nanak ?

Nanak alias UserName is ਕਰਤਾ...

  • Am I Creative...& gainfully employed.. ?'

Nanak alias UserName is ਪ੝ਰਖ੝

  • ....Can I see that SuperWo/Man (woman / man,) hiding deep inside me...can I dare to introduce that Khalsa? to Humanity...Im I thankfull to GOD for having given me access to Internet to be with face to face with GOD (read Humanity)

Nanak alias UserName is ਨਿਰਭਉ ..

  • Am I a Fearless Daredevil in love with my own best girl/boy friend Ms DEATH?..&... flawlessly 'dedicated to' and 'integrated with' the order of Wahyguru ji ka Khalsa.....Am I committed to fight FALSEHOOD & TERRORISM at all costs through my life.

SatGur syvn aapna sy virly snssaar...

  • What is aim of my life....Do I have a universal Mission ?..if I need help from other IDOLS of TRUTH to persue my nay! Nanak's mission .., if I have none ....can I?,....Should I?

Nanak alias UserName is ਨਿਰਵੈਰ੝ ..

Nanak alias UserName is ਅਕਾਲ...

  • Am I punctual & Unbeaten by time?

Nanak alias UserName is an Idol of TRUTH

vah vah Gobind Singh appy Gur Chela....1 to 10 Nanaks were Chelas of SatGurBani

  • I stand ordained by my Guru to become 'Guru as well as Chela in One'.

All 10 Nanaks & other authors of Gurbani were IDOLS of TRUTH. They crafted TRUE IDEAs and are with us.All are here and now at this moment. They will ever be with their TRUE Sikh.s in this life & in lives to come as SatGurBani....(where do I stand in this sort of a scheme??)

  • Can I resolve that......I have to become living (True Ideas) made of flesh & blood,(sounds crazy!) i.e. SatGurBani. All Gurus were branded as crazy by prapogators of FALSEHOOD so will I be!
  • am I scared of being socially branded that way..(crazy Idea! do I have to persue Gurmat...Why should I be a Sikh...Am I Truthfull to myself...??????

Mery babba may baura.....(was he?)lok khyy kabeer baurana....(was he ??)

Manny ki gat kahi na jay.....( Is Nanak trying to describe his profile (mad man) as might have been, and may be perceived by the prapogators of FALSEHOOD??..even today)

Looks like that is what Sikhism is all about..let me consolidate these crazy thoughts.. will it work out ???.

One has to intutively put in He/r(he or she) every thing & strive to become a TRUE carbon copy of Nanak's persona. For this, the student (read seeker) has to register himself in this School of Learning located in every human heart.

Guru does not live in any Gurdwara or in the heart of those who make a big show of being 'spritual masters' of the Raam Raheem/ 3HO / Pujaree make...

Nanak likhia naal..... Appy patti kalam aap uppar lykh vi tu....

Shabad Guru is already written by Lord TRUTH by default on the book which every human being is born with, the heart (read 'mind' for today's IT & scietific environment).

One has to put in efforts to read Lord TRUTH's orders already written in the Hard Disk on every human being's heart. Sikhism is Just the Harware with Original Manufacturer being Nanak. Needless to say that Harware (Sikhism) & Sofrware (SatGurBani) make a System called the TRUTH God incarnate.

SATGURBANI IS A LANGUAGE & HAS TO BE LEARNT LIKE any LANGUAGE BY.... Listening to.....Speaking....Singing....Using it performance of Daily Routines.....more the better

fir chady divas GurBani Gavyy...Bhyndian uthdian har naam('read SatGurBani')

Syllabus of Life long course free of cost being conducted in all 'Institutions' spread over the word are poularly called (read 'True Human Minds') is oulined below...

  • ..'Primary School: Sahaj dhari Sikh'-> (climb three of the 38 Steps of Sikhism to join the Order of Khalsa
  • .. Secondary School:Sikh.Short for GurSikh' -> . Join the follw this NitNem and Undergo the course called Sikhismconsisting of a syllabus to be completed in 38 Steps.then baptize your own self through injection of a habit of flawless indulgence in the bliss of Amrit Vela. Here the person has passed 4th standard of Sikhiam to become worthy of Gurus's Khandy Batty da Amrit in . Endlessly study....>....Motivate others to join you in persuance of this Life long course.

Administratively convenient groups can be structured & organised The aim of the course is to be able to flawlessly understand, Speak & write SatGurBani language write Speak.....>, Listen to....>, Sing,...

  • ..Higher Secondary School:Gur Mukh'->

of (truthfull human being who blendes himself with GOD's language to Gradate to the level of GurMukh & further up to become Khalsa ).

Creat Ideas, Document them & Share Them with Humanity 'FREE of COST'. That is what Nanaks did. That is what I think I need to do....& More.....

....Gareeb da muh guru de golak.....put your money in the TRUE Bank ie Guru dee Golak

Earn your own bread & paas on extra to 'Have Nots'

For being able to VAAND ky SHAKNA one has to pass out as a graduate with flying colors from GOD's College called Khalsa Mind

If that be so, Nothing to realy worry here!.....even if I now decide to live life by just fooling around, I am no way responsible that is God'd problem not mine. let GOD(who is S/he??) handle this nonsense laden thoughts. As on now what do I need to do?? .....Can I fight with my ownself? man jeety jag jeet..... & win akhn aukha sacha nau......... it is tough I need to get Involved with all this ??....climbing upto 4 steps of japji I become an Amrit Dhari(One who has baptised his ownself through Amrit Vela). Am I

Nanak alias Bani (read UserName) is ਮੂਰਤਿ...IDOLs of TRUTH

  • How to become ONE??. ...Kiv Sachiara hoviyy

Nanak alias God alias SatGurBani (read Nijjersikh) is ਅਜੂਨੀ...

When?...How? & in What way?... Shold I ?? will I?? become eternal universal IDOL of TRUTH (read GOD))

Nanak alias God alias Gurbani (read Nijjersikh) is ਸੈਭੰ ਗ੝ਰ ਪ੝ਰਸਾਦਿ

Nanak alias GOD (read Nijjersikh)Self Made Khalsa through the grace of Sikhi?


What are my Commitments in Public Domain ?

  • 1. Should I get actively involved in " aao asee Gurmat da prchar karnagy" proposal of TRUTH (read God)? .
  • 2. Should I get actively involved in "asee apny area ch eh kam apnian apnian societies ton shuru karangy" proposal .


Am I introspecting through every brieth....

?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????


First STEP:....KIV SACHIARA HOVIYY....????????

  • My Guru Wants me to become a Scholar of SatGurMat & blend with the uviverse & universes byond.....become eternity & live beyond time and space for short I have to die as a SatGurMat Scholar.....a writer.....a noble wise & death of Death.... before death.


  • Am I crafting TRUE IDEAs..(as a pressreporter nay! a Scholar of God alias Nanak am I writing TRUE IDEAs i. e. articles, reports, researches, studies (GOD's writings ......Appy patti klm aap uppr lykh vi tu...}

...Nanak sy mukh uujly kyqe shshutte naal....'

  • Am I sharing all my writings free of cost with Humanity ??

neecha andr neech jaaq neechee hu aq neech....

  • only a very very small percentage of Humanity has access to PCs & Internet. Am I integrating other 'Have NOTs' with Khalsa Internet so that GOD's (read my) written work becomes accessible to all the 'have nots'??

Eternal IDOL Bhai Kanhia saw Nanak even in his enemies.....

Can I become Kanhia .....for my enemies ???

In Service of Panth (Path) of Khalsa am I sharing.....


....appy patti kalam aap upper lykh ve tu.......( O IDOLS of TRUTH!! these lines were not written by me, but by you(read TRUTH) on my heart own & on all the hearts of TRUE GOD (read Humanity)