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Ishnaan to Realise True Name:Ikk Truth

1. Jpu is the TrueName of all those humans who Call themselves Sikhs.


  • Myra mujh my kuchh nhee jo kujh hyy so tyra

2. A Sikh owns nothing. Not Even his / her Name to begin with.

3. Name is the Root of the persona of a Sikh.

4. True format of the Name of a Sikh is

  • . First Name: Gurbani (A Word From Gurbabi)
  • . Middle name: Singh/ Kaur (Attribute of Khalsa from Mool Mantar
  • . Last Name: Jpu (Only word from Jpuji Sahib i.e. one worded True Name of Every Sikh replacing Bedi & Sodhi etc)
  • . Akal Muurt........Khalsa is Living Gurbani......Akhar Lag Kanna Tuk Pangtee Bhul Chuk na hovy

Bitter Truth

How Many are Sikhs Here?