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Uppal (ਉੱਪਲ/उपढ़पल) is a clan Khatris and a tribe in Jats.

Bibi Nanaki ji, the sister of Guru Nanak(founder of Sikhism) was married to Jai Ram, an Uppal Khatri.Hari Singh Nalwa, commander-in-chief of the Sikh Empire was born in Gujranwala in an Uppal Khatri family.Masand and cook of Guru Har Rai, Bhai Pheru was from an Uppal Khatri family. A city in modern-day Pakistan, Bhai Pheru (now known as Phool Nagar) is associated with him.Haqiqat Rai Puri, a martyr was married to the daughter of Kishan Uppal from a Batala based Khatri family, Sadda Singh Uppal from a Khatri family was an important soldier in Ranjit Singh's army. He led allegiance to the Krora Singh misl.Bhai Shihan, an Uppal Khatri was a prominent Sikh follower during Guru Arjan's life.

When Bhai Mardana was hungry during a travel with Guru Nanak, Nanak pointed to him a village of Uppal Khatris, and that if he visited the village all his desires will come true. Bhai Mardana was not only fed but was also given clothes and money as a token of hospitality. This village was highly praised.

Jats of Uparnam (ऊपरनाम) village were also known as Uppal.The land of Tushars was also known as 'Uparla Hind' (ऊपरला हिनढ़द). The area also known as Uttarapatha. Uppal gotra is also supposed to be derived from it. Uppal jats are found among Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus of Punjab and Haryana.