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  • aakhan jor....---SatGurBani
  • appy patti kalam aap uppar lykh ve tu...(Sab kush apyy aap...)
  • Hukum razai challna.... ---commit yourself by issuing a commandment to your own self that way

Who are They?

Why do they do?

After daan they want to see there names. How agonising it is to find people making donations at religious places for the sake of gaining fame and reputation. The essence of the donation is lost and it makes a mockery of the noble institutions of "Daan" and "Daswandh" which our Gurus started for the welfare of the community. An old man on entering the gurudwara starts searching for something. On being asked, he says that he is searching for his name on the marble slabs, which was promised to him last year when he donated Rs 2100.

One wonders as to whether people go to Gurudwaras in search of their own name or the Name of God.Some people give Daan to spiritual Magazines also for sake of there name is magazine. If somebuddy want to donate to sikhiwiki he wants his/her name on it.If yu contribute to this site this is a type of daan, if article is self created and somebuddy steal it the owner of article will shout out. This is today's daan.

What to do ?

Who to do?

What not to do?


  • Donate money ...........TRUE/FALSE Guru's's commandment
  • Donate resousces...........TRUE/FALSE
  • Donate every thing...........TRUE/FALSE
  • Donate nothing...........TRUE/FALSE
  • Donate if x /x & y /x or y / y /



any Guru ka Sikh with 'Gur Shabad veechar' ? --User:Mutia 14:11, 28 April 2007 (EDT)

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