The mysteries of Guru Nanak

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                           The mysteries of Guru Nanak

1. When Guru Nanak was born the midwife saw a bright light above Nanak in the sky. She then spread the word about the light and everyone was very confused. They had no idea what was going on.

2. Nanak could not be taught because he already knew everything! So he stopped going to school.

3. His dad then gave him a job on his farm. It was to watch the cows. Then Nanak fell asleep under a tree and the cows escaped into someone else's corn field and ate all the corn! When the farmer saw what the cows had done, he got so angry with Nanak that he found his dad and told him what Nanak had let the cows do. He brought Nanak's dad back to show him, but all the crops had grown back and the cows weren't in the other farmers field anymore. By now everybody knew Nanak was special.

4. When he was playing with his friends in a river he disappeared and his friends thought he had drowned so they went to tell his parents. Meanwhile Nanak was in heaven and God had just told him; there is no Hindu there is no Muslim you are all equal in my view. Three days later Nanak came back to earth and that was the last miracle that happened with GURU NANAK!

                                  Thank you for reading this!

By Hattie Age:11