The Sikhs of Switzerland

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Swiss Sikhs are a tiny religious minority in Switzerland. They number not more than 1000. Despite being such a tiny community, there are 2 gurudwaras in Switzerland. In late 2004, about 600 Sikhs lived in Switzerland though the number had been comparatively high with some 3,000 Sikh asylum seekers during the mid-1980s.

There are 2 gurudwaras in Switzerland.

Gurdwara Sahib, Langenthal

This gurdwara was 10 years into the making (from 1996 and construction was over in 2006). Built in the traditional Sikh architecture,it is the first shrine to be built in the traditional way in the country.
Gurdwara Sahib
Link in German: SIS SIKH-Stiftung (Schweiz) (Langenthal)

Gurdwara Sahib Switzerland

(official name: Sikh Gemeinde Schweiz Gurudwara (Däniken))
This gurdwara was built in a former factory near the city Olten. The opening was in 2002.
Gurudwara Switzerland
Link in German: Gurdwara Sahib Switzerland (Däniken)