The Battle of Bhangani

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Gurdwara at Bhangani

This is how Guru Gobind Singh describes the Battle of Bhangani in the Bani, Bachitar Natak, which appears in chapter 8 of this section of Dasam Granth.

Guru Ji describes the battle of Bhangani in much detail in the Bachitar Natak: Bhujung prayat chhand.

The sounds of trumpets and the beat of drums were echoing. The brave warriors started roaring from both sides and they with the full power of their arms continued to hit with their weapons. In the battle ground, now the shrieks of Chamunda goddess and her attendants dakinis (witches) were heard. How long it can be described; the fierce battle raged all around. Those all who stood firm in the field got killed but thousands of soldiers ran away. (Fateh) Shah riding on horseback ran towards the mountains. That brave one did not even hit a single arrow. Madhukar Shah of Dadval and king Jaswal also ran away with their soldiers. The stubborn Hari Chand catching hold of his spear in his hand stopped Mughals, Chandals, and the Rajputs on the Chandra lineage. He accomplished the duty of being the commander and whosoever struck with that warrior fell on the ground in two pieces. There, only Najabat Khan with his weapons killed Sangram Shah. This Khan killed many with his weapons and Sangram Shah was also sent to his heavenly abode at the hands of this Khan.

Dohra : Sangoshah killed Najabat Khan and was also killed at his hands. With his demise, cries of distress were heard all around in this world, but in the heavens echoed the sounds of cheers.

Bhjung Prayat Chhand : Witnessing the death of Sangram Shah in the battle field, your this lowly creature also caught hold of his bow and with one arrow killed Khan. My arrow hit the enemy in such a way as if he was bitten by a black cobra. So long he fell to the ground , I took over the second arrow and pulling it hit on the face of Bhikan Khan. Bhikan Khan, the killer, in fact escaped and took to his heels but his horse got killed. With (my) third arrow another person got killed. Now Hari Chand came to his senses and catching hold of his arrow he pulled and shot them continuously. Whoever was touched by his arrows could not survive and leaving his body here would go to his heavenly abode. That warrior, pulling two arrows was shooting them at a time and that brave person perished many horses. None could sustain his arrows which pierced the body and came out of it. All the warriors fulfilled their duties of commandership (and fought valiantly). The witches and ghosts were crying in the battlefield and the baitals were laughing and wandering there. The eagles were flying and sounds of kites were also heard.

Gurdwara Bhangani Sahib

The angered Hari Chand took over his bow and aimed at my horse he shot the first arrow. Second arrow he shot while aiming at me. God saved me and touching my ear the arrow went away. The third arrow he shot at my belt which pierced and went across my belt. Its tip pricked my skin but no wound occurred. The Lord in the form of time saved the life of this humble servant.

Rasaval chhand : As soon as the tip pricked me. my anger flared up. Catching the bow in my hand I pulled an arrow and shot it. On the other hand the warriors running here and there and their weapons were moving around. Meanwhile I shot that arrow which killed the powerful youngman (HariChand) Having killed Hari Chand other warriors were also trampled. The death killed Karori Rai also. Seeing this, repudiating the war all took to their heels and (seeing their commander dead) became horrified. Lord I became victorious because of your grace only. ||34||

Guru Sahib Ji had enmity towards no one, note how Guru Sahib Ji praises all warriors of all sides.