Gurdwara Thara Sahib

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Gurdwara Thara Sahib
A Plan of the Harmandar Sahib Complex, click to enlarge

Gurdwara Thara Sahib in Amritsar is situated just to the north (14 on map), of the Akal Takht Sahib. This is where the ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur rested when he arrived from Baba Bakala to pay his respects to Darbar Sahib soon after he was announced as the next Guru. The custodians of the Harmindar Sahib closed the doors on the Guru to safeguard their vested interests.

This is the place where the Guru sat and prayed a while after the Mahants had barred his entry into Harminder Sahib. "Thara" means a raised platform of Masonry.

See Map of Harmandar Sahib