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Sikhi News: Panthic Sikhsangat

Celibacy & Gurmat

In a recent case in Canada, sevadaars were arrested and charged with sexual misconduct. A news article quoted a member of the Nanaksar Gurdwara saying, "Priests at the temple are expected to be celibate....". This leads to the question, since when has celibacy been a Rehit or compulsion in Sikhi...

Gurmat Overrules Malpractice in Leeds Gurdwara
Leeds the sikh temple 1.jpg

In a great triumph, with the grace of Satguru Ji, Gurdwara ‘Sikh Temple Chapeltown’, Leeds will no longer allow parties, alcohol, and meat on any of its premises, and as a result the anti-gurmat activity ... has now come to an end....