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{{{Subject Name}}}
[[Image:{{{Image name}}}|250px|center]]
Full Name : {{{Name}}}
Personal Details
Birth : {{{Birth}}}
Guruship : {{{Guruship}}}
Joti Jot : {{{Died}}}
Parents : {{{Parents}}}
Brother/Sisters : {{{brosis}}}
Spouse : {{{Spouse}}}
Children : {{{Children}}}
Other Details
Bani in GGS: {{{Bani in GGS}}}
Other Info: {{{Other Info}}}

Use of this template

This template can be used in article about the Gurus or Bhagats. You will require a photo of the Guru and the following information to make the template most effective. The file can be in jpg or gif format. The other information is:

  • Image name - This is the jpg or gif file and enter the full file name. eg: xyz.jpg or xyz.gif
  • Subject Name - This is the short or common name of the person
  • Name - The full name of the Guru
  • Birth - The place & date of birth. Enter this in the format January 12, 1234 at Delhi, India
  • Parents - Names of the parents of the Guru
  • brosis - (Brothers/Sisters) Place here the names of the Guru's brothers and sisters.
  • Spouse - Name of the wife or husband of the Guru
  • Children - Names of any children
  • Guruship - This is the date that the Guru became Guru - Date of Guruship
  • Died - This will appear as Joti jot
  • Other Info - Enter here any other important information about the Guru. eg: Bani: Sukhmani Sahib written in 1234, etc

How to use this template

Copy the template shown below and paste in to your article page. Then fill in the data items after the "=" (equal sign). The image file name should be in the form xyz.jpg or xyz.gif.

{{infobox Guru
|Image name = 
|Subject Name = 
|Name = 
|Birth = 
|Parents = 
|brosis = 
|Spouse = 
|Children = 
|Guruship = 
|Died = 
|Bani in GGS
|Other Info =