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The Guru's Message...

Recognize the Shabad in all hearts:- Maharaj guides us thus: "The One who creates and dissolves the world - that Master alone knows His creative power. Do not search for the True Lord far away; recognize the Word of the Shabad in each and every heart. Recognize the Shabad, and do not think that the Lord is far away; He created this creation. Meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, one obtains peace; without the Naam, he plays a losing game. The One who established the Universe, He alone knows the Way; what can anyone say? The One who established the world cast the net of Maya over it; accept Him as your Lord and Master." (page 581)

Avoid evil company:- The Guru guides us thus: "When the soul leaves, you shall become dust, O vacant body; why do you not realize your Husband Lord? You are in love with evil people; by what virtues will you enjoy the Lord's Love? ||1||"(page 1097) and also "Kabeer, for the sake of the rice, the husks are beaten and threshed. When one sits in the company of evil people, then he will be called to account by the Righteous Judge of Dharma." (page 965)