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The Guru's Message...

Recognise the Will of the Lord:- Maharaj guides us thus: "By the Hukam of His Command, He unites those who recognize the Word of the Shabad.(1) By the Fear of the True Guru, doubt and fear are dispelled. Imbued with His Fear, we are absorbed in the Love of the True One." and also "Meeting the Guru, all wisdom and understanding are obtained. The mind becomes pure, when the True Lord dwells within. When one dwells in Truth, all actions become true. The ultimate action is to contemplate the Word of the Shabad.(3)" (page 157)

Through Love you will find God:- The Guru guides us thus: "In the Fear of God, is the Love of God. Only those few who understand His Love obtain the sublime essence of the Lord, O Siblings of Destiny. As many hearts as there are - in all of them, is His Ambrosial Nectar; as He pleases, He causes them to drink it in.(2) There are nine gates to the one city of the body; restrain your mind from escaping through them. When the knot of the three qualities is untied, then the Tenth Gate opens up, and the mind is intoxicated, O Siblings of Destiny.(3)" (page 1123)